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3 Tips to Finding a Criminal Defense Lawyer – Phoenix 

A criminal defense attorney is who you want to call if you are ever charged with a criminal offense. Criminal defense lawyers focus on defending their client’s best interests and constitutional rights. Without a criminal defense lawyer by your side your rights might be abused without you even knowing. 

With a criminal defense lawyer by your side you might be able to feel more confident about navigating the case’s timeline and trial’s process. A lawyer can help negotiate your charges with the prosecution to come up with a plea bargain if necessary.  You also need a criminal defense lawyer to help successfully challenge constitutional violations and to take your case to trial.

A criminal charge, even a misdemeanor, can be very damaging to a person’s future. Jobs, housing, education, and someone’s overall welfare can be seriously affected. With an attorney’s counsel, you can maximize your chances at avoiding the worst consequences of a criminal charge. 

Who is Jack Litwak?

Jack Litwak is one of Phoenix’s premier criminal defense lawyers. He has worked throughout the state defending all types of criminal cases. He has been recognized by the New York Times and LA Times for his passionate defense of his clients. 

#1. Look for the personal factor

When looking for a criminal defense lawyer you might feel pressed for time. One thing to not compromise is that of the confidence and comfort you feel with a potential defense attorney. Having a good relationship with a lawyer is one of the key factors to achieving a good result even when the cards seem stacked against you. If a potential attorney can’t, for example, explain things simply, show compassion, or show signs of erratic behavior, then that might not be the best option to go with. 

#2. Small vs. Big firms

A big firm might seem like a good choice, and sometimes it can be, but be sure to check out solo and small firm lawyers too. One complaint we hear is that big firms can sometimes leave their clients and their client’s family feeling distant and out of the loop, or having too many cases to successfully challenge all the issues in each case. A small firm or solo lawyer might also be more familiar with local jurisdictions and their courts, judges, and prosecutors. This can give some cases the edge in securing a good outcome. 

#3. Experience Matters

An attorney’s previous experience can make or break a case. The criminal code, which defines and criminalizes certain acts, is vast and includes many different things. Even if a lawyer has experience defending certain cases their experience defending cases like yours is paramount. 

Looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Phoenix?

The Litwak Law Group is an Arizona criminal defense trial firm that dedicates its practice to fighting, aggressively and professionally, for the constitutional rights and freedoms of our clients. We are a results-oriented firm. Check out our previous results here. 

Our initial consultation and case review is always free. Give us a call or submit your information below.