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How to check for a warrant in Arizona

Arizona residents can have a warrant out for an arrest and not even know it. A lot of people might think it’s unreasonable to not know about having a warrant out for an arrest. Knowing about a warrant is not as easy as some people might think. Someone can have a warrant out for minor infractions. If someone misses a court date or forgets about a ticket then a warrant can be issued and go unnoticed. 

In Arizona, a warrant is an order that a judge signs which authorizes law enforcement agents to arrest an individual and take them into custody. A warrant usually identifies the crimes for which a person is alleged to have committed, hence the reason for their arrest. For a law enforcement agent to arrest someone they have to have a warrant signed by a judge. An officer cannot simply go and arrest someone unless they themselves witness the crime taking place. 

In order for a police officer to arrest an individual, they have to present factual information to a judge in order to demonstrate that an individual is suspected of committing a crime. Once an arrest warrant is signed by a judge, a police officer may arrest you at any location

If you have an outstanding warrant in Arizona the best thing you can do is deal with the matter quickly. The longer a person waits the worse an outcome can become. Dealing with this legal situation is not only smart legally but also mentally. Having pressure on your shoulders can be a huge psychological stress for some people. Resolving an outstanding warrant voluntarily is your best course of action. That way you can avoid any awkward, embarrassing, or costly situation that arises from a possible arrest.

You may be under the impression that you have a warrant for your arrest but maybe you’re not 100% sure. How can you check? If this is the situation you are in then there are a few things you can do. You can visit the Arizona Public Court Information Database. This database contains information related to law enforcement warrants throughout Arizona. In addition, you can also contact the Criminal Court Administration Information Desk to inquire about your warrant.

You should know however that this database might not contain all the information needed to verify if there is a pending warrant. Why? This database might not reflect every single pending arrest in Arizona at a given time. Verifying a warrant should be the next thing you do just to make sure. There are a number of ways to do this. You should also be aware that, although unlikely, someone could be using false information and your warrant could be a case of identity theft.

Depending on your situation you might have a few options at resolving a warrant in Arizona. We recommend you do not handle the situation on your own. When facing criminal issues it’s important to talk to a criminal defense lawyer. Each situation is unique and your outcome depends on the type of warrant and crime. Don’t risk your future by ignoring this legal situation. A warrant can be resolved in a few different ways. Some warrants might be resolvable by paying a fee or bond. Others require you to turn yourself in. And, others might be able to be fixed by filing a motion to dismiss the warrant. Of course, being arrested is the last thing someone wants. That’s why hiring a criminal defense attorney is so important.

If you believe you have a pending arrest then you’re probably going through a stressful situation. If you have reason to believe that there is an active warrant for you or a loved one then you should contact an Arizona criminal defense attorney like Jack Litwak.